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The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Holidays - Sustainable Tips for Food, Decor, and Gifts

Updated: May 5

During the festive season, household garbage in the United States can spike by 25%, contributing to environmental concerns. To combat this, the EPA suggests making sustainable choices during Thanksgiving and New Year's, focusing on gift-giving, decorations, and food consumption.

As you juggle the joys of holiday events, consider these eco-friendly tips for a greener celebration:

When It's Time to Gather...

🥗 Buy Thoughtfully Reflect on last year's menu and opt for dishes that were well-loved, minimizing food waste. Embrace the mantra of "less is more" to ensure that every item purchased is genuinely enjoyed.

🤶🏼 Use compostable disposables at your dinner table!

If you need to use disposables this year especially in those office Holiday parties, try out eco-friendly options like compostable Palm Leaf Plates, Wooden Cutlery, and Edible straws. We have our Holiday Package Special, that includes plates, cups, cutlery, and straws.

🥧 Prioritize Organic and Local Ingredients Support local businesses, reduce your carbon footprint, and enhance the health of your family by incorporating organic and locally sourced ingredients into your holiday meals.

🌽 Incorporate Vegan/Vegetarian Treats Reduce the environmental impact of your holiday feast by including vegetarian or vegan options. Explore online recipes for delicious and sustainable menu ideas.

♻️ Plan Waste Management Prepare for post-party waste by creating a clear recycling and composting plan. Provide lists for guests to easily distinguish between bins, promoting eco-conscious disposal.

When decorating...

☃️ Swap Decorations Consider a Holiday Decor Swap Party or exchanging decorations with friends or neighbors. It's a cost-effective way to refresh your decor while promoting sustainability.

👋 Create Handmade Decorations Engage in DIY projects using materials from nature—leaves, sticks, and pinecones—for garlands, wreaths, and centerpieces. Tutorials abound online for crafting personalized, eco-friendly decorations.

🎄 Reuse Challenge yourself to transform existing decorations for a fresh look each year. Utilize versatile decor items that can adapt to different themes.

🎊 Buy Second-Hand Skip mainstream stores and explore thrift shops or online marketplaces for pre-loved holiday decorations. Give a new life to previously owned items.

♻️ Avoid Plastic Decor Opt for sustainable materials, such as those found in D'light Etsy store, for compostable and reusable decorations. Reserve plastic for items with a longer lifespan.

When Gifting...

⛄️ Think Before You Buy Consider repurposing items you already own or regifting quality items from previous years. Reduce waste by giving someone else the opportunity to cherish what you no longer need.

🎁 Gift Experiences Rather than adding to the clutter, gift experiences like restaurant vouchers, spa treatments, or workshops. Create lasting memories instead of contributing to landfill waste.

🎄 Support Small Businesses Steer away from large corporations and support local businesses for unique, thoughtful gifts. Your purchase contributes to the livelihood of individuals within your community.

👋 Create Handmade Gifts Express your skills and thoughtfulness through handmade gifts—whether it's food, crafts, or a personalized creation. It adds a personal touch and minimizes the environmental impact.

♥️ Wrap Sustainably! Reduce the waste generated from gift wrapping by using reusable fabric or recycled materials. Check out our Reusable Gift Wrap Sets for an eco-friendly and stylish alternative. Reusable Gift Wrap Sets

Remember, adopting even small changes can make a significant impact. Enjoy a holiday season focused on slowing down, creating cherished memories, and making sustainable choices.

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