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How to make Jean Heart Garland without sewing machine

At the beginning of this year I promised myself I would concentrate more on upcycling stuff into party decor.

So far I have been able to create these products including upcycled or second-hand items;

- I made picnic set of second hand items

- I upcycled old fabric into confetti wands (Upcycled Fabric Wands)

- I made a Photo Backdrops with reused tissue paper honey combs and another one with second hand wicker chargers

- I upcycled old cigar boxes into gift boxes with custom text

I love promoting compostable and reusable party decor but upcycling is a whole new level I’m kind of interested reaching!

This time I used my old jeans (yes they were on of my favorite jeans. I bought them used about three years ago and this year I gained so much weight I ripped them 😝. Too many parties...) and turned them into a cute heart garland!

I have a sewing machine but I like projects that don’t take too long of my time. I do have a full time job, own two home-pets and 4 stray cats!

So, let’s get in to it…

No time? Watch how-to-video here: D’light Jean Garland

How to make a fabric garland without a sewing machine

Let’s start what you need:

- old jeans (or any other fabric)

- scissors

- needle

- jute twine or any other string

- paper clips

1. Start by cutting the jeans into smaller pieces, I liked making small square pieces.

2. Then cut a shape of heart from one of the pieces and use that as a “mold” to cut the rest of the pieces. Remember, they key is to make as many hearts as you can so you will not have to throw any away!

At this point I liked to go through the hearts individually and make sure they are even.

You will also see at the end I have multiple sizes, because it’s what I wanted.

3. When you have enough hearts use paper clips to tie 2-4 hearts to pile them into a small stack. The reason I did this was because my jeans were not sturdy and I wanted the garland to have heaviness and sturdiness. You can only use one heart and not use the paper clips at all (much more eco-friendly too!).

4. When you have enough heart piled on small stacks with the paper clip you will take your needle and jute twine (or really any other string) to tie the hearts together.

Okay this is kind of sewing I know but not really hard and requires minimal of work!!

5. At the both ends, make a little hoop with the jute twine, this is for you to hang the garland on the wall etc.

Your garland is ready!!

This is such a fun project and can be done with any fabric really! So get your friends, family, kids around the table and make some garlands together.

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