Tips to Celebrate Sustainably during Holiday Season

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According to EPA (Environmental Protecting Agency) "The amount of household garbage in the United States can increase by 25 percent between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, from 4 million tons to 5 million tons." This includes food waste from all the Holiday celebrations and Holiday decorations.

So, when you are busy running between the fun Holiday events, how can you commit in making eco-friendly decisions?

Here are our tips and ideas for an eco-friendly Holiday season, don't hesitate to add more in the comments!

When it comes to gifts...

Think before you buy.

Maybe you already have something in your house that you can repurpose as a gift? Or maybe you have old gifts in your house that someone gave you last year? No, it's not wrong to re-gift them! Rather that than not use them at all and some point throw away. Another person's trash can be someone else's treasure!


🎁 Instead of gifting a product or an item, gift an experience.

The world is already drowning in trash so why not instead of buying more products that will end up in the trash pile, gift your loved one with an experience. A gift card to a favorite restaurant, sky-diving, craft workshop, spa experience... there are so many possibilities!

🎄Support small businesses

Don't buy your gifts this year with the big companies (Target, Amazon, Shein, H&M and so on..), they are doing very well without your money and besides that they usually support cheap labor and use material that is harmful to our environment. Instead, support a local small store/business near you. When you buy from a small business owner, you support a family, a single mom, a dad, or a young woman or a man whose living depends on your purchase.

👋 Make something with your hands

Instead of buying the gifts and decorations, make something yourself! This can be food, crafts, clothing, even a poem or a song! What is your skill? Use it 😉! This is also a very personal gift and whoever receives it knows you have put thought and heart into it.

♥️ Wrap your gifts into reused or reusable

Instead of using new wrapping on the gifts use reusable fabric gift wraps or use old news papers / craft paper, you will save so much unnecessary trash and also your wallet! If you are not interested in DIY projects, check out our Reusable Gift Wrap Sets

When it's time to gather...

🥗 Buy Less

Try to look back to last year's Holiday celebrations to see what menu items didn't sell and which did. This year, instead offering all the Holiday treats, only choose the ones that you really love. To be honest, in my family's Holiday table we always have so much food and before the dinner we are stressing out if there is enough food, but after every single time we are still in New Years eating the leftovers. If you truly consume everything you buy, no problem, but if you remember throwing away food after Christmas maybe this year is a good time to simplify your Holiday menu.

🤶🏼 Use compostable disposables at your dinner table!

If you need to use disposables this year, try out eco-friendly options like compostable Palm Leaf Plates, Wooden Cutlery, and Edible straws. We have our Holiday Package Special, which includes plates, cutlery, and edible straws for 10 people.

🥧 Prefer organic and local ingredients in your menus

Instead of buying big brands try to find local ingredients. Maybe there is a lady in your neighborhood who makes the best cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving and is making some extra cash by selling it to friends and family. Visit your local supermarket and you might be surprised by all the delicious treats they have to offer. We also recommend trying out farmer's markets and other holiday markets, I'm sure every city has at least one. You don't have to change everything, remember even changing your dessert is a step to better! If you don't have time to run after the best local cranberry sauce, when you go grocery shopping, try to pick the organic products in your shopping cart.

🌽 Add some vegan/vegetarian treats to the holiday menu

There are plenty of vegetarian/vegan-friendly recipes online. And while you are at it, substitute your cream, milk, and some of the meats with dairy-free and meatless products.


♻️ Plan recycling before the party!

Before you start celebrating, we recommend making a clear plan and list of the items that are recyclable and that are not. Place the list next to the trash bins so people can see what goes where. You don't have to list all the items in the world, just the ones at your party. This way the list is not too overwhelming for your guests, or you!

When decorating...

❄️ Swap your Christmas decorations

If you want to try a new style when decorating your house this year, instead of buying all-new, maybe check with your neighbor or family member if they have something to swap with you. You can even throw a party out of it - Holiday Decor Swap Party!


👋 Make something with your hands

Have a little craft shop by yourself, with your friends or children, and make your own Christmas decorations. There is plenty of tutorials online that will help you.

🎄 Reuse

Many have a small storage for the Holidays which is a good thing, but in case you are always buying new decor perhaps you should look into Holiday decorations that can be transformed easily into different themes.

🎊 Buy second-hand

When you really need to get new decor check out your local thrift shop or even better, check out Facebook Marketplace, they have amazing deals for reused Holiday decorations

♻️ Don't buy plastic

If you are going to buy decor that is not going to be reused, don't buy plastic. If you are planning on reusing the decor, plastic is actually a very good material! For single use items, we recommend paper and other eco-friendly options. If you are looking for sustainable Holiday Decorations, take a look at D'light Etsy store for compostable and reusable options.

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