Eco-Friendly Events Planning Guide

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Being eco-friendly may feel like a lot of work and that's why we created this Eco-Friendly Event Planning Guide to ease your planning journey. This guide will have all the answers on how to plan an eco-friendly party. Remember, implementing just a couple of ideas from this guide is already a huge step. 1. Food&Drinks

Eco-friendly bar: use organic flowers as drink decoration

> Use organic catering companies > Add vegan and vegetarian dishes to your menu > Avoid processed foods > Donate leftovers > Recalculate your portion sizes – avoid ordering too much food and inform guests about portions sizes > Use edible decorations > Use reusable or compostable straws > Use edible decorations like herbs, berries, and spices > Serve drinks in glass dispensers instead of disposable bottles

2. Utensils

  • Rent utensils

  • Use fabric napkins

  • If you buy disposable utensils, choose biodegradable and compostable (preferred)

  • Give everyone one set of utensils to use throughout the whole event

  • Serve food that can be served only with a napkin

Avoid disposable tableware and rent everything!

3. Decoration

NO Balloons <3 Fabric tassels, banners and paper lanterns NO Paper and platic confetti <3 Flower and biodegradable confetti NO Printed signs <3 Chalkboards, vintage frames NO Paraffin candles <3 Soy wax, coconut wax or bees wax candles OR party lights NO Disposable party accessories <3 Reusable party hats and photo booth props

Forget balloons and decorate with reusable party decorations!

4. Invitations

Party favor can be a flower or an experience instead of material.

  • E-invitation

  • Edible invitations - Send cupcakes, candy or any other treats

  • Reusable invitations - Like home decoration, magnet, plants, or item that guests will bring back to the event.

5. Party Favors

> Plant is a perfect unisex gift. Pro tip: you can first use them as party decoration > Raise money for a charity. > Inspire guests to donate more > Give food -desserts, treats, candy, anything edible > Instead of material choose an experience > Support local and small business owners!

6. Waste Management

  • Avoid trash as much as possible by following this guide

  • Research what is the correct way to recycle in your city

  • Foresee the trash your party will produce and plan how to recycle it correctly

  • Create clear instructions and signs for recycling, make it catchy and fun for your guests to follow

  • Hire D'light to plan your eco-friendly event

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