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Tips to Eco Baby Shower and Gift Ideas

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post, it was a busy summer; we recently expanded our products to Etsy and it has been such a fun journey! You can look into the store here.

I wanted to share my best eco-friendly tips and hopefully help you with the journey into eco-friendly baby shower party. Many times, we see lots of balloons in baby shower decorations (*crinch*), but let me INSPIRE you to try out something more environmentally friendlier. Baby Showers are a celebration for new life, so why not also secure a cleaner/safer future for your precious one when they grow up on this planet!

If you have no time for reading, click to my Eco Babies Pinterest Board to watch some inspiring pictures.

Let's get into business right away!

My Top 3 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Favors

1. Seed Paper Favors Cards

I will include this as #1 because I just think they are so adorable. The idea is that you give a little card to your guests, which they can plant into flowers. In the card you can have different kind of fun texts, like “Thank you for growing with me”, “Baby is blooming”, “Watch me grow”..

You can attach this into a little succulent plant, flowers, bath-bombs etc..

2. Handmade products

Support your local business by gifting soaps, bath bombs, perfumes, candles, food, spices etc.. Etsy is amazing place for this, I truly recommend to check it out. Unless you have local artisan markets in your city, it can be fun to go see what is your local small business offering.

3. Upcycled products

If you want to take your favors to the next level and are tired of consuming more, choose to upcycle something, you will literally save the earth from trash!

Here are my favorite upcycling gift ideas:

a) Glass jars

Collect old glass jars and fill them with anything you want.

B) Use old news paper to make cute origamis

Here is a great video how to make origamis.

C) Paint Fallen Leaves

This is not upcycling but a fun idea plus very budget friendly! Collect some fallen leaves, dry them and paint them with a cute text.

Food and Drinks

If you are looking to be eco-conscious with your servings, here are my top 3 tips:

1. Serve less

Yes, I said it. Serve small portions and serve little snacks instead of lots of food. Rather concentrate on one area, like desserts. Throw a tea party or a classy standing cocktail party, with hors devours.

2. Serve vegetables

If you want to lessen your party’s carbon footprint, the best thing you can do is to only serve vegetables (choose organic if you can). Hire a catering company who can make delicious food from vegetables!

3. Support organic drinks

This is probably not often thought in eco-parties but it can definitely help you to be more eco when you support local ingredients in your drinks.

Is there a winery near your area? Or perhaps your city is famous for a local beverage that you could use?

By supporting local beverage company, you avoid shipping, lessen carbon footprint and support a local business!


If you can, rent all the serving plates and tableware!

**We have amazing reusable tableware kit that is perfect for chic baby showers, you can rent it here.

If you are doing disposable items, please avoid plastic. Also, did you know paper plates and cups are covered with plastic, therefore they are trash, too. If you are a composting family, look into these palm leaf plates and the our wooden cutlery set. These are the best in the market, but still cute, eco-friendly disposables!

Decor Inspos

Ah so many options when it comes to decorations! Unfortunately I did not find many decorations without balloons, I encourage you to be one of the brave ones to not use balloons!

Here are my absolute favorite theme ideas which I turned into mood boards



Gift list

Instead of buying new items, organize a Cloth/Toy Swap Party!

My favorite Baby Shower Gift idea so far is to organize a cloth/toy swapping party. Simply guide your family and friends to gift you baby toys and clothes they won’t be needing anymore. This is the best sustainable practice because you are reusing what was already bought and giving the items a new life and reducing buying new items.

Guide and educate your guests with the gifts you NEED and WANT. It is important to let your guests know what products you want to receive as gifts and what not. When you let them know, you are in control of the items that have been purchased and this is one of the best ways to give back to the planet as a consumer!

Here’s my favorite gift ideas for parents. Since I’m located in United States, I chose to present only small American companies:

  1. Eco-friendly toys: @AcornToyShop

  2. Eco-friendly disposable diapers: @NestDiapers // Reusable Diapers: @LuludewDiapers

  3. Ethical Baby Clothing: @TajandMe and @SimplyMagneticMe

Other important things you can do to be more eco at your parties:

  • Sort trash

Have recycling and if you compost, composting bins at the party. Make sure you have good, easily readable signage to make it easy for your guests

If you are willing to go all-in, check out our eco-friendly event planning guide for more details how to throw eco parties and what to avoid.

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