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Green Beginnings: Tips to Eco Baby Shower and Gift Ideas

Updated: Jan 30

Greetings, eco-conscious souls and soon-to-be parents! I'm thrilled to share with you my heartfelt tips and tricks for crafting the perfect eco-friendly baby shower party. As we embark on this journey together, let's transform conventional celebrations into a mindful affair, ensuring a cleaner and safer future for the precious life soon to grace this planet.

Baby showers are not just a celebration of a new life; they are a pledge to nurture and protect that life for the years to come. So, let's dive into the wonderful world of eco-friendly choices that will not only elevate your celebration but also leave a positive footprint for the generations to follow.

Now, let's get down to business – the business of crafting a celebration that not only welcomes new life but also plants the seeds for a brighter, eco-conscious future. Cheers to embracing sustainability with open hearts and open arms! 🌱👶

If you are more a visual learner, explore my curated Baby Showers Pinterest Board. Immerse yourself in inspiring visuals that showcase the magic of eco-friendly baby showers.

Baby Shower Favors

1. Seed Paper Favors Cards

The irresistibly adorable Seed Paper Cards are taking the coveted #1 spot! Imagine gifting your guests not just a card, but a tiny garden waiting to bloom. These chic cards feature playful messages like 'Thank you for growing with me,' 'Baby is blooming,' and 'Watch me grow.' They're not just favors; they're seeds of joy!

These eco-friendly Seed Paper Cards on Amazon are from a small business (always try to support small businesses!) and crafted from cotton paper and sprinkled with wildflower seeds, these cards are not just cute; they're a green thumbs-up to Mother Nature.

Now, let's talk about taking these cute cards to the next level. Imagine them paired with dainty succulent plants, fragrant flowers, or delightful bath-bombs. For that personalized touch that elevates your favors to a whole new level, why not pair them with a local delight from your favorite bakery?

Here are my top 3 Sustainable favors on Amazon:

Dive into luxury with these sweet treats for your senses. (Pro tip: Slice them in half for a budget-friendly gesture, turning one order into a stylish gift for six!)

2. Pure Beeswax Candles, either Beehive shape or Regular

2. Handmade products

Embrace the charm of your community by showering love on local businesses! Transform your gift-giving into a delightful experience with handmade soaps, enchanting bath bombs, captivating perfumes, cozy candles, and a feast of delectable foods and spices. Dive into the treasure trove of options on Etsy and Amazon, or embark on a vibrant adventure at your local market.

I love strolling through my local farmer's markets, discovering unique, locally crafted treasures and grab business cards – they're like little tickets to a world of creativity! So, when the time comes for bespoke favors or heartwarming gifts, I know just who to call. Let's celebrate the artistry in our own backyard and make every gift a celebration of local talent and community spirit!

3. Upcycled products

If you find yourself weary of contributing to the consumption cycle and yearn for a more meaningful approach, I invite you to join me on a journey of upcycling – a choice that doesn't just delight your guests but also champions the cause of our precious planet.

In a world often drowning in excess, let's make a conscious decision to elevate our celebrations by opting for upcycled wonders. It's not just a choice; it's a declaration to save our Earth from the looming threat of excessive waste.

Here are my favorite upcycling gift ideas:

Glass jars

First on our list is the humble glass jar – a treasure trove of possibilities. Collect those forgotten jars and breathe new life into them. Fill them with the sweet whispers of your imagination – perhaps a fragrant potpourri, layers of artisanal spices, or a cascade of vibrant treats and toys. The jar, once forgotten, becomes a vessel of joy, ready to light up the eyes of your cherished guests.

Use old news paper to make cute origamis

Get creative with using old newspapers. Transform those forgotten pages into charming origamis that unfold tales of uniqueness and thoughtfulness. Need a guiding star? Click here for an inspiring video tutorial that turns the mundane into the extraordinary. Each origami is not just a gift; it's a story waiting to be told.

Paint Fallen Leaves

While not exactly upcycling, here's a whimsical idea that's as budget-friendly as it is delightful. Venture into nature's artistry by collecting fallen leaves, letting them dry, and then turning them into canvases for your creativity. Paint them with charming texts or whimsical designs, turning each leaf into a poetic masterpiece. It's a fun, earthy endeavor that brings the beauty of the outdoors into your celebrations.

As we dive into these upcycling marvels, let's not just see them as gifts but as a testament to the infinite possibilities hidden within the seemingly mundane. With every jar, origami, and painted leaf, we're not just crafting gifts; we're crafting moments that linger in the hearts of those we cherish.

Food and Drinks

If you're yearning to be a steward of the environment while hosting memorable soirées, buckle up for my top three tips that promise to transform your gatherings into a celebration of sustainability.

1. Serve less

In a world often defined by excess, my first tip is a gentle reminder to embrace the beauty of less. Serve smaller portions, curate little bites of delight instead of an overwhelming feast. Picture a tea party or a chic standing cocktail affair, adorned with delightful hors d'oeuvres. By concentrating your culinary prowess in one area, say, desserts, you not only indulge your guests but also minimize food waste and elevate the experience of your celebration.

2. The Green Revolution

For a party that leaves a minimal carbon footprint, consider embracing the green revolution. Choose organic vegetables as the stars of your culinary show. Enlist the expertise of a catering company skilled in transforming these greens into delectable delights. Witness how a vegetable-centric menu not only delights the palate but also champions a sustainable approach to gastronomy. It's a feast that nourishes both body and planet.

3. Support organic drinks

In the realm of eco-parties, here's a gem often overlooked – supporting organic drinks. Elevate your celebration by choosing local ingredients for your libations. Is there a winery near your locale, or does your city boast a signature beverage? By supporting local beverage artisans, you not only add a unique touch to your gathering but also contribute to a reduced carbon footprint. It's a toast to sustainability, a celebration of locality, and a nod to the businesses weaving the tapestry of your community.


If you can, rent all the serving plates and tableware!

**We have amazing reusable tableware kit that is perfect for chic baby showers, you can rent it here.

If you are doing disposable items for a stylish and sustainable fiesta, consider opting out of traditional paper plates and cups, often clad in plastic. Instead, bring a touch of rustic elegance to your table with compostable palm leaf plates and elevate your dining experience with a chic wooden cutlery set.

Decor Inspos

Baby showers often witness an abundance of these fleeting decorations that, unfortunately, contribute to environmental concerns. Consider adorning your venue with reusable banners, fabric bunting, or even potted plants that can be gifted or planted after the celebration. Let your decorations echo the essence of a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

Here are my absolute favorite theme ideas which I turned into mood boards


Step into the enchanting world of 'Blossoming Beginnings,' where nature's embrace meets the joy of new life. Our Garden Baby Shower Mood Board is a celebration of fresh blooms, vibrant colors, and the magic of a blooming journey into parenthood. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of rustic elegance and eco-conscious choices, where every detail blooms with purpose. Let this mood board inspire you to create a verdant oasis of love, laughter, and sustainable beauty for the expecting parents. Welcome to a garden of dreams where each petal whispers tales of anticipation, and every leaf cradles the promise of a green future. Let the celebration commence in the heart of nature's embrace!


Step into the soft glow of 'Peachy Dreams,' a captivating world where the tender hues of peach paint a canvas of warmth and anticipation. Our Peach Baby Shower Mood Board is a sweet symphony of elegance and charm, inviting you to celebrate the imminent arrival of a little one with grace and style. Imagine a gathering bathed in the soft glow of peach tones, where each detail whispers promises of sweetness and joy. Let this mood board be your guide, inspiring a celebration that's as tender and delightful as the hues it embodies. Welcome to a peach-infused journey of love, where every moment resonates with the promise of a beautiful beginning. Here's to creating memories as sweet and timeless as the love that fills the air!

Gift list

Discover the joy of sustainable gifting with a Cloth/Toy Swap Party as a unique and eco-conscious alternative to traditional baby shower presents.

Encourage family and friends to contribute pre-loved baby toys and clothes, giving these items a new life while reducing the need for new purchases. This not only aligns with sustainable practices but also fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility for the environment.

Take charge of your gift registry by guiding and educating your guests on your specific needs and preferences. Communicate openly about the products you truly desire, allowing you to curate a selection that aligns with your sustainable values. By doing so, you empower yourself as a consumer and actively contribute to reducing unnecessary consumption.Take charge of your gift registry by guiding and educating your guests on your specific

Here’s my favorite gift ideas for parents. Since I’m located in United States, I chose to present only small American companies:

  1. Eco-friendly toys: @AcornToyShop

  2. Eco-friendly disposable diapers: @NestDiapers // Reusable Diapers: @LuludewDiapers

  3. Ethical Baby Clothing: @TajandMe and @SimplyMagneticMe


Sort Trash: Implement a straightforward waste management system by incorporating separate bins for trash, recycling, and composting. Simplify the process for your guests with clear, easy-to-read signage, making it effortless for everyone to contribute to responsible waste disposal.

If you are willing to go all-in, check out our eco-friendly event planning guide for more details how to throw eco parties and what to avoid.

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